Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Lauren Portada, Josh Slater, Leah Tacha @ Kristen Lorello

Another good show in one of Lower East Sides best little galleries hidden away from street level behind CRG Gallery. Some solid ceramic work by Leah Tacha that looks competent in craft in a way that the wave of late 2000s ceramic work sadly did not, and it is paired well with the mosaic-like paper collages of Josh Slater. But the star of the show is a large new painting by Lauren Portada. The Brooklyn-based Portada makes something very rare now-a-days especially in Bushwick, abstract paintings that aren’t intentionally sloppy or overly rigid, in other words, compelling. Her brushwork is skilled but loose and oscillates between solid and light swipes of color that breathe in the lightness of spring. The palate is very contemporary and could feel trite if it wasn’t for how subtly the color is displayed. It appears to bleed through the canvas while simultaneously floating above it, allowing the viewer to relax potential cynicism and enjoy looking.

Through June 10th


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