Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Siebren Versteeg, Reflection Eternal @ Bitforms Gallery

I have long since given up trying to wrap my head around how Siebren Versteeg makes work. It involves computer code to automate computers into making art (I think). Which alone is the kind of thing that one can easily make a compelling art career out of. In the past, the results of his “algorithmically generated images” was a mush of wide pho-brush strokes in an often-muddy green palate that would be off-putting if it didn’t so mimic the result of lots of young, popular human painters. The new work has a palate like the past work but now forms star bursts of angular strokes that are downright painterly. It is so aesthetically pleasing that I find it harder to believe the production of the paintings are completely random, but then again who knows if it ever was? What I do know is the wonder of Siebren’s work hasn’t grown old, and the results seem to get more and more appealing. Which ups the ante for process-based painting, as well as what it means to make art. As with much of Siebren’s work, it raises the question does your computer dream of electric sheep?

Through May 28th


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