Thursday, August 14, 2014

Henry G. Sanchez, The English Kills Project @ Momenta Art

Can’t say I really spend much time at Momenta Art. I often look in and am a little unmotivated to read the large amount of text that seems to go with every show. Well, I had some time to kill before meeting up with friends and found myself quite engaged with Henry G. Sanchez’s The English Kills Project. It is art, that is, kind of art, but really more of a creative city planning proposal or at least the parts that I enjoyed. For instance, I learned from the show that contamination from sewage “outflows” is the main source of pollution of Newtown Creek, a superfund site that runs a couple blocks from my apartment. The pollution could be greatly helped by filtering the runoff through rows of floating tires filled with marsh grass. Who knew? This is presented in generally interesting and instructive form through text, digital mock-ups of the tires, video screens peeking out of tires and a fish in a tank (which I didn’t get). I would certainly contribute to a kickstarter to run a line of grass-filled tires to help clean up Newtown Creek.

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