Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sam Moyer, More Weight @ Rachel Uffner Gallery

What did Jerry Saltz call it in New York Magazine?  “Zombie Abstraction” or that the art world has been flooded with a glut of safe, drab, abstract paintings because they are salable and reflect the taste of an older generation teaching in MFA programs? I am pretty sure a Sam Moyer piece from this show was an illustration for the Saltz’s piece. I don’t tend to disagree much with Mr. Saltz, and the show did have an entire room of drab, forgettable abstractions. But in the back room at Rachel Uffner, Moyer had a giant slab of marble on the floor mirrored by a splotchy yellow and gray canvas hanging from the ceiling with a lighting rig behind with light poring through it. I thought it was a pretty impressive installation, and it took me a second to catch the canvas hanging from the ceiling. I loved the scale and light through the canvas. Possibly Moyer’s strength is more installation than painting?

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