Thursday, August 14, 2014

Yale Photo Instagram @ Sushi Bar Gallery

As a Yalie, I have a soft spot for Yale photographers. I also like a lot of the photographers in this show: Joseph Maida, Jen Davis, Allison Sexton and Jenny Drumgoole are all awesome. But I am also the owner of a very unsmart phone and have almost no interaction or interest in instagram. That said, I am not opposed to snapshots or snapshots as art, just seems to me that instagram is potentially another time suck. The show doesn’t necessarily do much either to change my love for Yalies or my lack of interest in instagram. There are some nice pictures in the show, like Curran Hatleburg’s off handed (and all-the-more-believable for it) shot of a young woman floating face down in a leaf-lined pool or Lois Conner’s selfies through foliage, which I assume are a playful nod to Friedlander. But many of the pictures feel like snapshots or rough drafts of half-finished ideas that I found hard to remember the next day. The prints seemed maybe 10% bigger than your average smart phone and were a little pixely. I was a little perplexed as to why the prints weren’t the scale of a smart phone, the medium they would be seen on, if not a little smaller?

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