Saturday, March 15, 2014

Lisa Sanditz, Surplus @ CRG

I haven’t seen Lisa Sanditz’s work in a little bit. I think the last show I saw was the work that followed Sock City. It seems that her art is in the process of changing. She has held onto her propensity for bright yellow and Easter pastels, thick paint and landscapes occupied by signs of human inhabitance. But her paintings have gotten more experimental, at times her palate has become muddy and dark, her landscapes have become almost completely abstracted into large geometric shapes. In one of the better pieces in the show, giant geometric swaths of color are literally pushing her older subject matter off the bottom of the frame. The transformation might not be resolved, but her undeniable skill makes the journey pretty electric.

Even more surprising are the large assortment of porcelain sculptures of plants and improvised sculptures made from styrofoam cups. The work is a mix of fabricated porcelain styrofoam cups and actual styrofoam cups, combined with porcelain cactuses with real cactus quills. It is pretty enjoyable to see her celebrating the sculptural experiments from studio debris by elevating them into porcelain. Making little sculptures of porcelain seems like a pretty recent trend in Bushwick, and with Sanditz eye for color and even her execution, she manages to fucking slay just about anything like this I’ve seen in Brooklyn. Seems like some people need to step up their game, because Sanditz is making lots of artists look pretty damn amateurish.

Thu. Mar. 15th


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