Saturday, March 15, 2014

Andrew Moore, Dirt Meridian @ Yancey Richardson

Hate to say it, but I really like the Andrew Moore’s show at Yancey Richardson. Sure, he is the master of abandoned porn, but his meticulous, large-format eye put to abandoned or just very old farmhouses is pretty amazing. It could just because I am from the urban northeast, but these old weathered houses set back from the roads on large swaths of land are always so fascinating to me. Are farms’ fields being cultivated? Why not keep up the house? Does someone live there? I am not sure Moore’s pictures really answer any of this. But he does successfully present a slightly over-the-top cinematic version of a world where you see stretches of these lonely old farms from the sky and at least one old gentleman in an interior, which would suggest that some of these ancient houses are actually inhabited by people holding onto a long-gone lifestyle. It’s no surprise that you get some falling apart interiors, but the skeleton of a calf (?) inside a dilapidated room that was once pink is pretty stunning. It’s even nice to see the occasional landscape. It seems Moore is really trying to do something different and is getting outside his comfort zone. Still, the photographs are a little dramatic in the lighting and could use more of the subtle details of these places, but the work is so much better than anything Moore has previously done.

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