Saturday, March 15, 2014

Naomi Leshem, Centered @ Andrea Meislin Gallery

Some okay square landscapes as well as young women sitting on a wire, centered in front of similar landscapes. Nope, not sure I get it or what there is to get. It’s called Centered, and the women are centered, so in that sense it is pretty successful. Having just perused the press release, it doesn’t make the work any clearer. But Naomi Leshem is Israeli, and am I crazy? Is Andrea Meislin a photography gallery that just shows Jewish art? Not to say there is anything wrong with that. It just seems like a hell of a business plan. Yup, of the sixteen artists on their website, all but two are listed as born, living in, or working in Israel. The gallery has recently moved to street level, so I guess representing Israeli-related photography is working out for them. Who would have thought you could succeed as a photography gallery not to mention a photography gallery with such a particular focus.

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