Sunday, March 17, 2013

Cloud Hosting @ Rachel Uffner Gallery

Man, I have no idea what is going on with Cloud Hosting, but it certainly makes some nice visual sense. God bless Tim Salaterelli who curated the show. He takes works of eight artists and creates his own solo installation piece. He is operating as a curator on a level, where the act of curating has become his art. Now take that as a positive or a negative for the artists in the show, but the exhibition looks great. It is like walking into a very intelligent conversation about objects with muted colors. The space is bisected by vertical venetian blinds, features a paperback book with a fig on top of it resting on the floor, some sparse but humorous cartoons a la old-timey Playboy comics, slides of artifacts and text projected side by side, and a large piece of polished metal bent into a “u” against the wall. I am not sure what these things have in common outside of a shared color palate and a level of presentation that makes you feel cool for having seen it. The press release seems to suggest that the work has been assembled via long distance and through brief emails, which suggest an office feel, but outside of the blinds and the muted colors, I am not sure what the office connection is. But I guess the comics seem like old white man humor and black and white pictures of an office. Maybe it is an alternate reality Mad Men set where they’re pitching the Metropolitan Museum of Art? Either way, the show was a pretty good visual experience, and I am all for curating being raised to an art form.

Through Apr. 21st


Russel adword said...
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Carl Gunhouse said...

Ok that sounds cool and kind of makes sense to me

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