Sunday, March 17, 2013

Judith Braun, May I Draw @ Joe Sheftel Gallery

Judith Braun has been a mainstay of the Brooklyn / Lower East Side art scene for years. And as Chelsea dies a slow death, it is nice to see that the meek shall inherit the art world or at least people like Braun, Lauren Monk, and Austin Thomas will find their solo shows in more prestigious galleries, like Joe Sheftel. Despite a flap in Art Fag City over the placement of a drawing, Joe Sheftel has had a wonderful string of shows since they’ve opened including May I Draw, their current show of Braun’s drawings. If you haven’t met Judith Braun at an opening or art function yet, she is awfully sweet, which has always made me feel like a terrible person for questioning her tendency to just make drawings with her fingers. To her credit, the show is a nice mix of earlier work that is in keeping with what you might know of her work, but there was a lot surprising work too. Of the familiar work there were lots abstract shapes, which could be visualizations of chakras or something of that ilk. The one piece of finger-based drawing on a yellowing paper is the strongest piece in the show. The surprises included a faded text piece some very unfinger-like dot drawings that could have been made with a computer. It is nice to see such diversity from Braun. The work was not at all what I expected, which is a pleasure. Judith isn’t old, but certainly there are artists that get to a particular age or level of recognition and then go on autopilot until they die. So hats off to Judith for, over the last half a decade or so, continuing to make quality and diverse work as an artist.

Through Apr. 21st


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