Friday, April 6, 2012

Joyce Pensato, Batman Returns @ Friedrich Petzel Gallery

I truly believe every generation should have art that is unabashedly hip and caters to their specific cultural zeitgeist, even if it is a hackneyed version of the previous generation’s hot new thing. Welcome Joyce Pensato, whose work is undoubtedly what would happen if you left a hipster in the microwave too long and they exploded into a clean white space, with cultural references, a lot of black, infantilism and asymmetrical bangs splashed everywhere. Not hating on the work, just acknowledging that I officially feel old because I know this isn’t directed at me, but undergrads who haven’t seen Mike Kelly or Thomas Hirschhorn or Basquiat or fill in the blank and/or middle-aged art goers so desperate to suck the life force of the young that they willfully engage in group amnesia.


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