Friday, April 6, 2012

Facetime @ On Stellar Rays

Facetime is a decent show that revolves around contemporary portraiture and possibly how our ever more digitized lives have impacted how we deal with people. But without the press release, the show just comes off as a solid collection of work that ponders one of the oldest genres of art, the portrait. Now what conclusion is the show is coming to on portraiture in contemporary art? It would seem the work is arguing for a great deal of leeway. For instance, A. Kassen’s two silver coat hooks (one broken) seem to push the definition of a portrait to the most generous of limits. Daniel Gordon supplies one of his recent and pleasantly grotesque portraits, while Zevs has three turn-of-the-century style portraits where each face has been obscured with a haze of light. Gordon and Zevs and even Odires Milaszho’s collages present a form of portraiture that feels contemporary yet still reads as a portrait. I also enjoyed Maria Petsching smartly-hidden video loop of a woman exposing her torso, but again is it portraiture?


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