Sunday, August 7, 2011

Jeff Mermelstein, Work Oeuvre Opera @ RWFA Rick Wester Fine Art

Like Mark Cohen unless your were predisposed to think photography peaked in the 70’s, you might not be familiar with Mermelstein’s work. But at his best, Mermelstein creates a shocking reminder of how unusual and amazing the world around us can be. For some reasons he runs into lots of people with books in their mouths. But alas, this show isn’t Mermelstein at his best. It is the downside to working in the tradition of straight 35mm photography. Practitioners like Mermelstein eventually fall into the trap of producing art the looks too much like their more editorial and practical day work, and I can’t imagine that it’s easy to keep the demands of the commercial world from spilling over into one’s art. In New York, Paris and Milan, lacks the wonder and fantastic moments that characterize Mermelstein’s better work, leaving the viewer to ponder models looking as they do in most magazine layouts, beautiful and exotic like oddly dressed peacocks.

Already Down
RWFA Rick Wester Fine Art (511 W 25th St Btw 10th & 11th Ave)


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