Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Harmony Korine, Shooters @ Gagosian Gallery

I’ve always enjoyed Harmony Korine’s films. I loved Spring Breakers. I remember liking Gummo, and even though he was only the writer of Kids, that movie always had a special place in my heart, having moved to NYC right when it came out. So I was a little bit more open to Korine’s paintings than say James Franco’s photographs, and Korine’s painting aren’t bad. They would totally fit in a Bushwick group show. He certainly is a capable painter, who isn’t embarrassing himself. That said, the work does feel like a mishmash of styles that don’t come together as a body and don’t escape the noticeable influences of an older generation of painters. The show feels like the work of a young talented painter who has yet to find his voice. I guess it’s unfair, but considering how experimental his films are and how even more ballsy his music videos and random you tube clips, skilled but conservative nature of the paintings feels a little disappointing. It’s a shame, that if Korine was going to branch out as an artist, he didn’t push himself as a video artist, which I always thought was the best way to approach his movies and is certainly the only way to see his music videos.

Through Jun. 21st


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