Saturday, March 1, 2014

Michael Light, Some Dry Space @ Danziger Gallery

Hell of a good photography name, and Michael Light also pilots and photographs from a small plane. Pretty badass. The pictures are beautiful and tend to focus on how people have organized themselves, in cul-de-sacs, highway overpasses, and quarries. You get to see new construction of modern houses inch their way up roadrunner-like plateaus in Arizona or the completely unbelievable, tiny little houses on the edge of a giant crevasse, with various levels of rock and sediment and trees growing out of the ridges. It looks like someone turned the Grand Canyon into a stretch of farmland and apparently it’s in Idaho, who knew? The pictures do make one think that we are a little delusional in believing that we matter and aren’t just a passing phase in a longer narrative. On the downside, some of the black and white shots of highways and rivers do feel like other aerial photographs. Still, they put to shame Olivo Barbieri’s aerial pictures with swings and tilts to play with scale, just another example that more often than not, just showing the thing is a hell of a lot more interesting than messing with it to illustrate an idea.

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