Monday, October 7, 2013

Elad Lassry @ 303 Gallery

Back and better than before. Right off his well received show at the Kitchen, which I didn’t see but gathered from the review that Lassry really got his sculpture and installation on. The show was so well received, I was ready to stop making jokes about him being the ultimate Roe Ethridge cover band or owing his career to Neil Winokur. But man, I don’t know what to make of Lassry’s debut at 303 Gallery. It seems he has finally gotten away from Roe Ethridge only to run headlong into a career as a terrible sculptor. Frames half covered in fabric, a yellow crib in the corner? I never remember disliking his color choice in frames, but man, this is one ugly show. It’s as if he sourced my grandmother’s leggings and/or prom dresses from the 80’s for material. Yup still don’t like Elad Lassry’s work. On the upside. he has grown into his own terrible art.

Through Oct. 26th


Anonymous said...

I am appalled at conceptual art masquerading as photography, and furious with a particular element in the art world who have hijacked photography only to prove themselves some sort of cutting edge hipsters. Boring and infuriating.

Lucien Samaha

Carl Gunhouse said...

I am ok with the expanding what is to be a photographer and I am not sure it leads to the exclusion of say straight photo, if not for Lassry I couldn't imagine 303 picking up a young traditional photographer, I just don't thing Lassry is doing a very good job at it.

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