Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Louise Dudis “Eye Level with the Smallest Leaf” @ Robert Henry Contemporary

Well, if we are seeing the death of Chelsea, as it devolves into a home for yard sales for museum-level art (see Basquiat at Gagosian), then it has been nice to see the healthy amount of photography in Bushwick over the last month. Especially when quality galleries like Robert Henry give a solo show to a photographer and the work is not terrible. Which isn’t the best way to start the review. I like Dudis’ work and its long multi-paneled images that form one complete view of logs in the woods. The pictures are well made, the fragmenting of the objects into multi-panels is instructive and effective, highlighting the enjoyable formal attributes of the logs and branches in the woods. Even turning a decaying Birch (?) log into a wonderful play of silver and gold. But as skilled and pleasant as the work is, a part of me finds the photographs a tad too formal. Still it’s clearly an issue of taste not quality, and I am more than happy to see photographers having solo shows in Bushwick.

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