Thursday, December 6, 2012

Robert Lansden “Chance and Necessity” @ Robert Henry Contemporary

Robert Henry continues its recent streak of meticulous line drawing shows. Lansden’s obsessive hand-drawn grids of red, blue and orange come together like geometric doodles taken to rapturous heights, where slight variations in the woven lines of ink create lovely motion in the bottom of the grids like a soft breeze on curtains. Due to their scale, the more rigorously woven grids come across as x-rayed handkerchiefs. The show becomes this lovely tutorial in understanding drawing, how subtle changes in line can create movement, or how lines can mimic the surface of cloth or the power of occasionally inserting an orange grid into a show of red and blue drawings.
Already Down
Robert Henry Contemporary (56 Bogart St., Btw. Harrison & Grattan Sts. Bushwick, NY)


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