Saturday, April 7, 2012

Garland Gallaspy, Tender Moments @ Ovvio Arte

On a real visceral level, Polaroids of young people acting crazy and being naked are always enjoyable. Now there may be some artistic limitations in the medium, as in photojournalism where, for instance, pictures all end up looking the same and never really progress. I think Ryan McGinley and/or Terry Richardson might be the endpoint for young people being rowdy, of course, until they’re forgotten and all smart phones are able to produce low-resolution 3-D pictures. At that point, the genre may all start up anew, but until then Garland Gallaspy does a good job of making the viewers feel that their youth was not truly lived and maybe they should have gone out more and stayed up later. Highlights included Jessica Simpson, a member of the Silver Jews, and dudes pissing into their own mouths as well as other high jinks.

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