Friday, November 18, 2011

Mickalene Thomas, More Than Everything @ Lehmann Maupin

It seems More Than Everything is all the rage, but if I remember the adulation from the Voice, this is a show of source material that Thomas uses for big shinier art, like the piece on the outside wall of the expensive restaurant attached to MOMA. Either way I am not sure I get what all the fuss is about. Collages of images that seem to come from vintage magazines being used to create classic paintings starring what could be the cast of a Foxy Brown-era blaxploitation picture. Which are shown alongside large alt processes portraits that may be possible source material? But more importantly the photographs look like possible source material for a more impressive collage / painting. I guess coming to Thomas ‘s work for the first time at a show of source material isn’t the best way to experience it, but it does tend to leave me a little flat.

Already down
Lehmann Maupin (210 Chrystie St. Btw. Stanton St. & Rivington St.)


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