Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Daniel Gordon, Still Lifes, Portraits & Parts @ Wallspace Gallery

I think when Pedro Almodovar ends up doing your art in movie form starring Antonio Banderas, you are doing something right. Gordon has moved from the all-encompassing dystopia of a world created entirely of found images (predominantly, it seemed, of porn and terrible skin disease) collaged into three-dimensional worlds that he then photographed. The new work belongs to the 1% of his rather media-plagued world, elegant but horrific portraits, funhouse versions of 18th-century portraits and diseased classic still lives. 

I remember being overwhelmed and disturbed in the best of ways with his work at Zach Feuer Gallery, but it’s amazing to know that even in Gordon’s collaged shit storm there is a Connecticut with large New England homes with walls that need decorating with the best that his world has to offer. After a while of looking at Gordon’s work, I somehow feel he makes Dana Shultz completely unnecessary.

Through Dec. 17th
Wallspace Gallery, (619 W 27th St. Btw. 11th & 12th Aves.)


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