Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bryan Graf, Wildlife Analysis at Yancey Richardson Gallery

Run, Bryan, run. It’s not too late. He does more in this little room with alternate process photography than Brian Wood has in his entire career. But to beat the dead horse that Yancey Richardson turned Esko Mannikko’s work into, Bryan Graf’s thesis show at Yale presented an oddball, at times uneven but compelling collection of alternate process photographs, straight pictures, vernacular images and news clippings to create a context and a world. In the cold dead hands of Yancey Richardson, his work has been distilled to colorful photographic experiments that look good next to a white room full of pictures of white rooms.

Yancey Richardson Gallery (535 W 22nd St. 3rd Fl. Btw. 10th & 11th Aves.) through Oct. 30th


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