Monday, January 22, 2018

Kate Stone, As It Was (As It Were) @ Rubber Factory

Following Ryan Oskin’s excellent show at Rubber Factory, Kate Stone’s show is laying down the gauntlet for photography galleries in New York. They have raised the bar by establishing a clear point of view on the medium. Stone’s show featured a blood red carpet, a mini maze of 2x4s that look like the inner workings of walls. A fake wall broken off waist high, as well as little photo collages of weathered interiors mixed with sketches of buildings that meander and disappear into the whiteness of the page. The whole room is a wonderful meditation of red and white that continuously breaks apart and disappears into frozen fragments, a dream of an old remembered space. The show is a wonderful example of photography as installation that picks up where Oskin’s show left off, pushing the boundary of photography into something both amazing and not at all photographic. Pushing the boundaries of the medium and into installation is a clear interest at the Rubber Factory. It should be interesting to see where they go next.

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