Monday, January 22, 2018

Darryl Jennifer, Mind Power @ Okay Space Gallery

The Bad Brains are godhead, and for stretches, say pre-Quickness, they were undeniably perfect. So, it is nice to see Bad Brains guitarist Darryl Jenifer branching out into the visual arts. His paintings are graphic and folkish with an upbeat palette that matches the Bad Brains much toted PMA. The paintings revolve around the iconic Bad Brains Banned in DC lightning bolt and occasional Rastafarian rocking out. The show is solid and features a selection of early Bad Brains’ photographs by Lucian Perkins that appear in the legendary DC hardcore book Banned in DC. AS a teen I obsessed over that book like it was the Dead Sea scrolls that, with enough focus, could unlock the great secrets of DC hardcore.

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