Friday, July 21, 2017

Deborah Mesa-Pelly, Carpet Grotto @ Honey Ramka

A pretty great exhibition of shag carpets with fake rocks on them that are projecting videos of real rocks. The carpet brought back childhood memories from the 80s of lying on a shag rug to watch TV, leading me to see the fake rocks as little children-rocks watching rock-TV. With the rocks combined with the bursts of fluorescent color on the shag carpeting and in the videos, the entire show suggests a tribute to HBO’s 80’s psychedelic kids’ show, Fragile Rock. As simplistic as a read as this might be, it made sense out of a rather cryptic but visually exciting show. 

Already Down
Honey Ramka (56 Bogart St., Btw. Harrison Pl. & Grattan St., Brooklyn)


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