Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Adriana Ramic, Machine that the larvae of configuration @ Kimberly-Klark

Man, Kimberly-Klark is doing interesting stuff. I am a little uncertain what to make of Adriana Ramic’s work or, for that matter, her two-page press release made up almost entirely of grids of letters. Understanding the press release and maybe the show hinges on possibly understanding what a “achromatopsic optical character program” is or what “k-nearest algorithm to read a photo” might be. But I very much enjoyed the smell of the gallery as I walked on the dirt-covered floor scattered with little patches of moss and flowers while looking at a floor-to-ceiling grid of small pictures matched with letters. It was a very pleasant way to climb inside contemporary society’s digital onslaught of images.

Through June 4th


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