Saturday, April 15, 2017

Uta Barth @ Tanya Bonakdar Gallery

At some point, Uta Barth will die. At some point, Chelsea galleries will have to find younger artist to show. It is understandable that to pay rent, do nonstop international fairs and generally make money, galleries might show the same ever-aging artists doing riffs on the work they have done for decades if it continues to sell. But as shows are more and more made up of museum-level artists and all your small to midrange galleries have been pushed out of the neighborhood, there is a shortage of bridge or feeder galleries where one might get into a summer group show, which could yield another show that might be noticed by a bigger gallery operating on an international level. We now have the Lower East Side, which is certainly vibrant but also seems to be in a continuous state of flux where galleries come and go, expand and move at such a rate it is hard to develop a relationship with a space or even remember where it is located. And it’s still hard to tell how connected the Lower East Side is to the greater art world. The galleries are certainly getting covered, but they aren’t nearly the destination that Chelsea was, say, pre-Sandy. So, I guess what I am saying is, you would think there will come a time when people get tired of seeing the same Uta Barth show over and over again.

PS: Got on a tangent there. I don’t like the new Uta Barth show. It is more sculptural than anything she has done before, but it’s still not interesting.

Already Down
Tanya Bonakdar Gallery (521 W 21st St, Btw. 10th & 11th Aves.)


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