Saturday, April 15, 2017

Crys Yin, If You Were Home, You’d Be Here By Now @ Amy Li Projects

I do like physical things as the subject matter of paintings, and there is a quick directness in Yin’s painting that reveals an excellent eye for color. The objects chosen have a solid palate, where red and green objects float in warm backgrounds or the lovely crisp white and blue hues of a bowl rest next to a similarly colored container of mike. The impreciseness in the rendering of subject matter starts to bend into a world of mismatched shadows, where it makes sense to see bendy limbs disappearing behind counters. It is a world inside a child’s imagination where household objects take on the importance and meaning of totems, clearly lodging themselves into the self-conscious, until in adulthood, they bring back long-forgotten emotions. The basketball magazine above an Asian studies book does hint at a cultural context for the work that I am sure resonates strongly for people of color, but the lovely looseness in the painting makes you feel you are looking through the eyes of a well behaved and inward child, a feeling that maybe rooted in a specific ethnic background, but helps create a universal and touching view of the world. Might I add that it was quite a plus to see the show in what appears to be a still operational button shop, complete with a cutout in the base of the wall for a Buddha statue was quite a plus.

Already Down
Amy Li Projects (166 Mott St. btw. Broome & Grand Sts.)


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