Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Curve @ Wallspace

Oh, how I love thee, Wallspace. Who else, in their love of photography or at least their dealing with it as a medium due the respect of other mediums, has a wonderful group show that intelligently works in some of Jan Groover’s black and white still life photographs. The exhibition also stars the fabulously bright-colored ceramic pieces of Zachary Leener that look like the best art one could make using SpongeBob SquarePants as inspiration (and for the record I mean that in a very good way). The lively, almost silly sculptures go great with Groover’s darker black and white still lifes and Kristen Jensen's more earnest and stylish, though not unexpected, sculptural pieces. Or for that matter, Matt Paweski’s lively wood sculptures. The show also features some quality painting by Monique Mouton, and as usual, Wallspace, even in a small off-season group show, manages to come up with something excellent. They really are the best gallery in Chelsea hands down.

Through Feb. 14th


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