Thursday, August 14, 2014

Displayed @ Anton Kern Gallery

Displayed brings on a certain awe and cynicism in me. I like the show a great deal. The piles of ironic kid shirts, to multiple Roe Ethridge photographs, to making me realize how close Rachel Harrison is to Ethridge’s esthetics of appropriating randomness into a master class of cooling-looking objects, to the fading coolness of Josh Smith, even including and elevating the skilled work of Marina Pinsky. The show even generously includes more then one photographer, making me more interested in the photographs of Annette Kern and Moyra Davey. The show, curated by artist Matthew Higgs, really is a knockout of a summer group show. There is so much quality art in the show that all seems to incorporate stuff from the world as a starting place to create objects that feel more cool than substantive, that the show starts to feel like an argument that Ethridge is in the center of an artistically zeitgeist. That is barreling off a cliff and possible over a shark. It should be interesting to see what the up-and-coming Annette Kelm and Marina Pinsky do next and how far it breaks from work that now feels very much in keeping with lots of other people.

Through Aug. 22nd


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