Thursday, June 12, 2014

Pello Irazu, STUDIO @ Yancey Richardson

I am not that against Pello Irazu’s pictures of sculptures in his studio that he occasionally paints on top of, but they just seem a little dry. They are more creative than Leslie Hewitt’s photographs, but the work still feels more like a sculpture that is being photographed than a photograph. The additional painting on top of the photograph’s surface is just too much, as are the geometric shapes painted on the wall and the inclusion of some of the actual sculptures. The sculptures don’t hold up to closer inspection and are much more affective at the distance of being seen in a two-dimensional image. So to conclude, the photographs are okay, but photographs, the sculptures and the wall pieces, are all way too much. The show is both over-the-top and underwhelming. It is a tough trick. I like to think of it as pulling a Burtynsky.

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