Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Mark Cohen @ Danziger Gallery

I generally like Mark Cohen’s work. I think he is a solid street photographer, who is clearly a level below the greats, but well worth spending some time with. He was certainly the first to bring fill flash and such an aggressive formalism to photographing people on the streets. Is it me? Maybe it’s just the edit, but are there a lot of pictures of children’s crotches in the show? I counted six plus a kid’s butt in a bathing suit, a girl in a bathing suit and two adult crotches. I never noticed this before, and I am now kind of curious to go through a best of Cohen book to see just how much of a theme this is in his work. I assume it’s just the editing, combined with his tendency to shoot from a low and close vantage point. But yeah, lots of kid crotches in the show.

Through Jun 30th


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