Thursday, June 12, 2014

Chang jia, Cruel and beautiful… @ DOOSAN Gallery

The Korean Chang jia’s show includes some naked people being spanked, a naked lady sitting on top of a large glass vase filled with eels and a naked woman urinating, all shown against an austere gray backdrop. Yup, not sure what’s going on per se. I assume it’s about sex, but it seems pretty dry to be really sexy, and hell if I know what else to make of it. The press release makes the work all the more perplexing, for instance “Standing Up Peeing….conveys the essence of social structures as being an entity which hides and excludes in order to maintain its own validity.” I don’t know if this makes any more sense from a Korean point of view, but to my Western eyes it strikes me as forced and dry with little of value going on, outside of seeing some attractive naked ladies.

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