Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Richard Kern, Medicated, etc. @ Feature Inc.

Man, I was expecting to write a review of how Kern was the master of soft-core porn, whose main backers were large box bookstores purchasing damaged copies of his books that middle-aged, married men and pre-teens flip through while clogging up the photo book section. But as the master of soft-core porn, Kern’s show is almost art. The work is mostly pictures that I first saw as gifs flicking between images of clothed young women and images of the same women topless.  The prints in the show are the two images on top of each other. Not good art, but not titillating enough that I would necessarily see it as soft-core porn. Maybe tumblr-porn? There is another series of pictures that show young women who are naked or in their underwear holding up the prescription drugs they are on for emotional issues. Again, some sex but clearly Kern is trying to say something more then just people like looking at naked people. I assume it’s about the over-medicating of young people, but I just kept thinking there is probably a rather direct relationship to the amount prescription a young woman is on and how likely she might appear in a Richard Kern picture.

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