Sunday, November 24, 2013

Edie Winograde, Sight Seen @ Front Room Gallery

Yeah, a surprisingly decent show of large-format straight photographs of national parks on view at Front Room. I am still amazed whenever a solo show of straightforward photography shows up in Brooklyn. Again not the most exciting work, but there are some very nice moments where the pictures go from expected landscapes to odd little images like the awkward middle age man standing in a roadrunner-esque western landscape, or magical like the scale of native American ruins in the side of cliff or the improbable ramshackle walkway leading to Niagara Falls. Unfortunately too many of the pictures fall into an uncomfortable space between the deadpan gaze of the New Topographics and the romanticism of Ansel Adams. I almost suspect that Winograde prefers the latter, but was overwhelmed by the grandeur of the settings. But again, it’s great to see photography getting its due in Brooklyn and satisfying to see work that is respectable, as opposed to the photography as sculpture that makes it into the occasional Brooklyn group show or the young naked people of Fuchs Projects. By comparison, the show is downright spectacular.

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