Thursday, November 28, 2013

Cobi Moules, Bois Just Want To Have Fun @ Lyons Wier Gallery

Not sure I liked Cobi’s photographs of multiples of himself in the landscapes doing stuff. I always felt Anthony Goicolea had that covered and that using photoshopped multiples to express gender / sex roles in society became a clichéed metaphor almost instantaneously. But now that the photographs are photo-realistic paintings, I must say the fantasy aspect is much more digestible. I expect something different from paintings, and the bending of reality seems like a basic element in the medium instead of a very dubious choice in creating imagery. My understanding is the work is supposed to reference Hudson River School paintings, and it could be a second since I’ve been to the National Gallery of Art and seen a bunch of it. But I do remember a more fantastic version of the land than appears in Cobi’s paintings. It would seem like a natural progression in the work to incorporate some of the more exaggerated tendencies of the Hudson River School painters when dealing with a painting of multiples of yourself, but again, what do I know?

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