Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Christine Osinski, From Staten Island @ Sasha Wolf Gallery

In the 80’s I was a young kid of Italian heritage growing up in a working class New Jersey neighborhood not unlike the Staten Island in Christine Osinski’s pictures, but man, these pictures seem like a foreign land out of a National Geographic story on rearing of working class children of Italian descent. It’s amazing how clear pictures of specific moments can seem so foreign yet so familiar. I can’t remember kids with little greaser hairdos, but I do remember running around shirtless unsupervised, covered in dirt and hanging out in older kids’ cars. It is a testament to Osinski that the neighborhoods seem so inclusive, that the photographer and now by extension the viewer seem so much a part of the goings on. We get to be kids running down the street seeing who is home in hopes of getting into an adventure before called in for dinner. And as the people in the pictures progress, you get to witness the kid down the block turn into an awkward teen or a confident young adult. This is wonderful work about life in a working class neighborhood on the outskirts of New York in the 80’s. The pictures help me remember it clearly.

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Anonymous said...

Must be such lovely memories. Kids today. Can't have even half that freedom. You both look so nice dressed in your matching outfits.. intentional, or in a group together! ??? WKH..

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