Monday, October 7, 2013

Annette Kelm @ Andrew Kreps Gallery

A bunch of random still lifes, with series of the same picture repeating (with minuscule changes?), some nice colors, hmmm. Has Roe Ethridge left Andrew Kreps? Did he not have a show ready in time? Kelm’s work is more sculptural than Ethridge’s, but the pictures are not nearly as well put together. Kreps is a bad venue to be showing this kind of thing, in or within a decade of Ethridge making work for that matter. Kelm’s random assemblage of work is an empty caricature of Ethridge. Ethridge used the technique as a way to describe places and give an artistic voice to his day job as a stock photographer. Like Kelm, he hoped to force people to engage in what an art photograph can be. Unfortunately, the following wave of similar work just comes off as random to the point of empty fashion, impenetrable, a cheep way to allow viewers to project ideas without the responsibility of actually saying anything. It’s time we all move on and start making sense.

PS Roe Ethridge is listed on Kreps’s roster but hasn’t had a show there since 2011 and currently is having a show at Gagosian’s Beverly Hills location, so does Andrew Kreps still represent Roe Ethridge?

Through Nov. 2nd


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