Saturday, August 24, 2013

Sara VanDerBeek @ Metro Pictures

Being a stocky guy who only puts so much effort into getting dressed and occasionally lets his hair and beard get a little unruly, mirrors aren’t my friend. Large department stores, with their many reflective glass gallery windows are in no way helpful to my self-esteem and routinely present that disheveled three-dimensional version of myself that unfortunately bears little resemblance to the respectable two-dimensional version I see when I check my appearance before leaving the house. So I found Sara VanDerBeek’s giant purple pictures with reflective glass and white square columns both terribly attractive and disconcerting. It’s a wonderful purple, but the reflective sheen produces an anxiety-filled, all-but-inescapable experience with the paintings lining the room. They are paired with a room of pictures of Greek and Roman sculptures, all with a pronounced purple to blue casts. The large purple reflective pictures end up providing a weird opportunity to walk into VanDerBeek’s pictures of sculptures in real time.

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