Saturday, August 24, 2013

London Scene Report By Jonathan Lux (Originally From We Don't Owe You A Thing #1)

Jonathan Lux was born in Bluefield WV. He is a painter. He studied painting at Jacksonville University and is currently pursuing an MA in painting at the Royal College of Art. Jonathan’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. currently lives in London with his wife
and daughters. You can see his art at

Enjoyed the Fold Gallery's current group show, Mudlark on Friday. Lots of painterly gestural pictures, many very modest in size. My favorites were Dominic Kennedy's: loosely worked, crayola color scheme, marginally representational, done with a brush that he must know is far too small. Or not. Having never been face to face with a Manet before, I was very taken with the strange selection currently on at the Royal Academy.  Dark and brown academic pictures hang side by side with more loosely worked maverick-y ones. In spite to the huge crowds, I hope to wait in line to see it all again. Best time so far was seeing Peter Doig's show at Michael Werner. Exotic biographical/fantasy subjects some huge, some tiny. For me, seeing them in person was completely sublime. There's a catalogue out there, but the poor reproductions don't do the work any justice.


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