Saturday, August 24, 2013

10 Years @ Wallspace

I love Wallspace. It’s easily my favorite Chelsea gallery, and it is the best at showing unexpected, challenging and just downright hip art. Even more impressive, they have continuously shown lots of photography and often photographers who are at the forefront of the medium, Shannon Ebner, Daniel Gordon, Lucas Blalock, and I even vaguely remember Roe Ethridge being in a group show there at one point. But despite my love and admiration for Wallspace, their summer group show was just too crowded, despite showing people from ten years of shows in the space and featuring people I very much enjoy, like Joseph Maida. It’s a lot of work crammed together. At times there were nice moments, like on the way in, a green half-ball base for a rod next to an equally green image of a watch, but the work suffers from a general lack of context. When I think back on the numerous shows there where I was interested and moved by the work but left little confused, I look at this cluttered group show and think that maybe the past work wasn’t as smart or successful as I thought, or maybe it was just inarticulate and stylish more than of any real importance. Or maybe the show is just too crowded.

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