Monday, June 10, 2013

NYC, c. 1985 @ Clamp Art

An enjoyable show of pictures made in NYC in 1985, which are is as jarring as seeing an old episode of Law & Order that illustrates how different NYC was. There’s lots of expected work here that doesn’t even warrant going to the image list. Keizo Kitajima brings some art scene paparazzi pictures, Amy Arbus reminds us how uninspiring her work is, Jeannette Montgomery Barron does a poor man’s Peter Hugar. Still a fun ride down memory lane, when NYC was less awash in money and things were a little less safe and polished. The one standout in the show is Christine Osinski’s pictures of Staten Island, which provide a glimpse into the forgotten borough with a level of artistic sophistication that puts the rest of the show to shame.

Through Jul. 3rd


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