Monday, June 10, 2013

Laurel Nakadate "Strangers and Relations" @ Leslie Tonkonow Artworks + Projects

I am a fan, she makes fantastic videos and I think it’s now fair to now say films. In Nakadate’s videos, she makes strong images that often feel like extended photographs. But like many video artists, I have never found her photographs terribly compelling. Even at their most successful (as in her 365 Days of Crying series), they were more a successful installation piece than a quality group of photographs like an amazing inverted Roni Horn piece. So I guess I am not shocked that I was underwhelmed by her portraits of people to whom she is distantly related via DNA. I love the long exposures at night with fill light. The effect is impressive, and I can’t remember seeing it before, but seeing it in every picture lessens the impact and makes them feel a little gimmicky. I am assuming this will end up in a video project sooner or later, because I am a fan and would like to see more Nakadate videos out in the world.

Through Jun. 29th


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