Monday, June 10, 2013

Bob Zoell / Wyatt Kahn @ Rachel Uffner Gallery

A nice pairing of painters, Wyatt Kahn’s paintings marrying that part of MoMA’s painting permanent collection timeline that I tend to skip over that features Lee Bontecou, with its arch nemesis minimalism. But Kahn’s individually stretched jagged pieces of creamy canvas come together to form enjoyable, folk-minimalist sculptures. These look even better with Bob Zoell’s graphic minimal paintings on metal. The work recalls an elegant version of pong, where strong colored backdrops are dotted with Morse Code-like black dashes, all on solid pieces of metal bent into three-dimensional rectangles that at first glance appear to be very finished canvases. It’s a smart, clear two-person show of similar but different approaches to minimal sculptural paintings.

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