Friday, March 8, 2013

Zanele Muholi, Faces & Phases @ Yancey Richardson

Yancey Richardson is clearly making a subtle transfer from an overly formal edit of your favorite photographers to becoming the home of excessively boring portraiture. For the record, portraiture is hard. Look at some Judith Joy Ross. It’s hard getting that kind of real emotion out of people, while merely getting people to hold still in front of the camera isn’t. Maybe this is just a long-form Sanders-esque performance piece by Yancey Richardson?

I am sorry. I totally forgot Yancey Richardson recently had the best edit of David Hilliard’s work I have seen in some time. I always make fun of the gallery, but the show was really good. I felt Hilliard’s previous work was in a really weird place where it was a cross between these odd hallmark pictures of kids and overly thematic set-ups that looked like mini soap opera episodes. But Hilliard’s last show there was a return to his roots. It was pictures of him and his dad and what I am guessing his family doing stuff in the woods with a subtle shift where the smooth lighting and pleasant settings lift the edge and anger that seemed to run through his earlier work allowing for a mellower adult world to from in the new work. So Yancey Richardson, home to David Hilliard and some boring-ass portraits.

Through Apr. 6th


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