Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ten @ Jen Bekman Gallery

I have mixed feelings about the show. It is certainly a nice selection of quality people, whose art I enjoy, like Ben Donaldson, Keri Oldham, Alec Soth and Amy Stein. But the crowded salon hanging in Jen Bekman’s slender space is a tad overwhelming, and seeing it at the opening didn’t help. Even with the image-list, I found it hard locating specific work on the wall that I was interested in seeing. Even without the salon hanging, it was an odd selection, with Oldham’s small witty text-based piece hung next to a so-so Alec Soth (which is hard to come by with the large amount of quality work that dude turns out), across from a very un-Amy Stein Amy Stein. And I am still not sure I found the piece by Ben Donaldson, who had a great show a while back at Jen Bekman of black and white portraits of people hypnotized to see the most beautiful landscape ever. I did enjoy Ian Baguskas dust cover foliage, I had forgotten how much I liked his work when it was up at Jen Bekman’s. I guess as an anniversary celebration show the overhang makes some sense, and forms a visual party on the wall that blends into one continuous esthetic-style and history of choices that effectively define Jen Bekman’s last ten years.

Through Mar. 31st


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