Sunday, March 10, 2013

Petros Chrisostomou @ Fuchs Projects

It’s the only photography gallery in Brooklyn, and the Worm Carnevale show wasn’t that bad. It just wasn’t awesome and I feel exactly the same about Chrisostomou’s pictures. They’re of small domestic objects upsized to fit attractive interiors. It’s nice the first time you see them. They look like they could be documenting a new line of Jeffrey Koons’s sculptures. But the illusion starts to fade, and you’re left with a very repetitive photoshop trick. While seamless, it is even less exciting once you realize where the proverbial rabbit is coming from. They’re not bad, just not exciting either. Maybe Fuchs Projects is just getting going? There is certainly a dearth of unrepresented photographers out there, and even if you wanted to limit your programming to local artists, Brooklyn certainly has a higher quality of photography going on than is being shown so far at Fuchs Projects.*

*P.S. apparently not photoshoped, but miniature sets.

Already Down


Anonymous said...

none of it is photoshopped. Those are all miniature sets that he builds and places these life-size objects in them. Do your homework.

Carl Gunhouse said...

I stand corrected, still underwhelmed with the end result.

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