Sunday, March 17, 2013

Lisea Lyons, Locket @ Nancy Hoffman Gallery

The show consists of pictures, all dealing with sculptural objects. One focuses on a brightly painted dresser with a small black and white portrait on top of it. The photo is shot straight on, so it collapses onto the same plane the colorful dresser, the black and white portrait and the white wall in the background, forming a graphic yet real world assemblage. These skilled sculptural pictures are mixed with more literal assemblages like a black and white picture of a girl that is photographed with a lock of auburn hair on top of it or a picture of bubbles resting on the surface of a photograph of a girl blowing bubbles. I am a little torn about the show. I like the sculptural element Lyons brings to her work, but for me, the work is more successful when the sculptural elements are less literal and just come out in the pictures, like her graphic yet somber pairing of out of focus flowers. The pictures of pictures with something on top of the original photographs are occasionally pretty charming, but the technique often feels like a visual gimmick and distracts from over-arching theme of the show, which seems to be a slightly sad portrait of a child or for that matter childhood.

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