Sunday, March 17, 2013

Josette Urso, Snow Day @ Kathryn Markel Fine Arts

How did Roberta Smith describe it in the Times? A wry, opulent cartography of their [paintings] own making.“ I couldn’t agree stronger. This is the second show of Urso I’ve seen. In last year’s show, the whites that dominate her palate were definitely much grayer and more blended into the brief glimpses of surrounding colors, forming a not altogether unpleasant abstract smear of dirty pastels. Maybe it’s the coming of spring, but her new work seems cleaner and the color palate brighter. Even her abstract lines that often look like maps of urban spaces seem to be opening up occasionally, and feel less like an overhead topographic map and more like a view through the looking glass into an abstract plain. It might be terrible to say, but I feel this is where Loren Munk’s work could have gone if he wasn’t so singleminded, but if Loren Munk wasn’t so singleminded, he wouldn’t be Loren Munk.

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