Friday, March 8, 2013

Jean-Michel Basquiat @ Gagosian Gallery

After Judd and Flavin at Zwirnir and Basquiat at Gagosian, it’s starting to feel like the first real post-Sandy batch of shows in Chelsea. Also feels a lot like Chelsea’s funeral. More and more, Chelsea has stopped being where one goes to see younger, more exciting artists then at MOMA. Chelsea is quickly becoming a museum that rivals any big international institution but with none of the curatorial chops. It’s museum-quality artists with none of the curatorial rigor of, say the Basquiat retrospective at the Brooklyn Museum of Art. Tin this show, there is no progression in the work, no themes arise, it’s just a tight hanging of a lot of work for sale. It’s as if the more you fit on the wall, the more you can sell. If this is what it is gonna be going forward, with no one showing anything but old masters, can we just call it 57th Street and agree that we’re not gonna leave Brooklyn to see art, except to go to the Lower East Side?

Through Apr. 6th


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